Hi, we’re Kei-Movers. Well, actually it’s just me – one guy. I move customers stuff around in my 1993 white Mitsubishi kei-van. More specifically, I

・Move stuff for a small fee (Have stuff you need moved or delivered ? I can move it for you.)

・Take stuff away for free (Can’t sell stuff and need to get rid of it ? I can take it from you.)

I charge reasonable fees, am very flexible with time, and can get around anywhere in the greater Nagoya area. Please send inquiries to keimovers[at]yahoo.co.jp .

For Moving Stuff, please let me know:

1. From where to where the stuff will be moved … (station name, address, building floor, any other details, etc.)
2. A list/basic measurements of items (pictures appreciated)
3. When you need the stuff moved.
4. Your contact number (keitai preferred)

…and I will get back to you with a quote on a fee.

For the Take-away Service, please provide me with:

1. A list/basic measurements of what you need taken away (pictures appreciated)

・What we take-away: Appliances (big & small), Cameras/Video cameras, Bikes/Bicycles, Computers (and related), Household goods.

2. When you need the stuff taken away.
3. Your contact number (keitai preferred)

…and I will get back to you.

That’s it !





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